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Three Factors of Effective Outdoor Stone Flooring

Whether you are building an outdoor area such as a pool, or adding a patio or path to your outdoor space; stone flooring is the best choice. But how do you choose the right stone for the job? Here are the three factors you must follow when choosing outdoor stone flooring.

Why Use a Bath Lift Instead of a Bath Board?

You can probably guess what a bath board is just by the name. Essentially, they are specially designed boards that fit across your bath from one rim to the other. When you need to wash yourself, they form a straight, solid seat.

How to Deal with Blocked Drains

Have you ever stood in your shower and started noticing water pooling at your feet? Or have you ever flushed and watched in horror as the water level rises? Or have you ever stepped into your bathroom and noticed some strange, unpleasant smells for absolutely no reason? All of these might mean you have a

The Benefits of Minimalist Interior Design

All gods of fashion and numerous studies point to the benefits of having a minimalistic interior design. Reasons for this are many and some of them may already be well-known. However, as people are very prone to hoarding things, having a minimalistic home is actually a much more challenging mission than it originally seemed to

Porcelain vs. Marble: Which is Best for Your Floor?

Homeowners who want flooring with an upscale edge often end up struggling to choose between porcelain and marble. Unfortunately, not many people understand the differences between them and the separate characteristics they bring to the table. What you really need is a quick and easy overview of the key pros and cons that come with

The Bohemian Bathroom: 10 Ways to Get the Look

In modern usage, the term ’bohemian’ applies to people who live unconventionally and artistically. The original Bohemians originated in Central Europe where they had a different name: gypsies. Currently, the gypsy style is widely appreciated both in terms of clothing and interior design. Speaking of interior design, sure, it is easy to incorporate the bohemian

Which home improvements actually add resale value to your home?

When you’re inspecting a property you might buy, among other matters you’ll most likely think about what works you might carry out to improve it. Typically you’ll be thinking about upgrading existing fixtures and fittings and how you can create more space. But the question is, which alterations or upgrades are likely to increase the

5 Great Reasons to Consider Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles are not particularly common across the United Kingdom, but you’ll struggle to understand why after considering their fantastic benefits. From Grade A looks to ongoing reliability, they represent a great choice for anyone looking for a more interesting flooring tile.

A Few of the World’s Most Beautiful Cars

Some people buy cars for speed. Other people buy cars for safety. Still others buy cars for practical purposes like space or towing capacity. And then there are those that buy cars purely for aesthetics. Car manufacturers the world over have mastered the art of building beautiful cars. You can learn more about any of

All You Need to Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are widely considered the way of the future – completely sustainable and environmentally friendly, this technology will hopefully put a stop on using powerplants as a means of supplying our homes with power somewhere down the line. For now, however, things are still far from perfect, and even homes that get a lot