15 Unbelievably Amazing Futuristic House Designs

We usually see homes in our places in modern, Victorian, contemporary and other designs. These are already common to our eyes but we are still awed upon seeing lovely houses that stand out from the rest. But aside from the usual home designs that you see each day, there are house designs which will surely amaze you because they are designed in an extremely distinct way.

Futuristic houses fall into that category because their designs are totally different. You might not even believe that such house really existed. But yes, the house designs you will be seeing below are real and are products of the brilliant minds of architects and engineers. Now, check out the list of futuristic house designs below and prepare to be amazed by their awesomeness and uniqueness.

Cocoon House


Image: Planning Korea

A house inspired by the volcanic typography of Jeju Island and the cocoon. You can see a cocoon like structure in the middle. The interior of this three storey dwelling has wooden and glass touches that added to its futuristic look. The construction started last September 2012 and will be completed in 2015.

Flights of Birds


Image: Bernardo Rodrigues

The structure is designed like the wings of the bird but if you think that the shapes were just distributed in whatever manner you are wrong. Each part of the design has function. This imaginative house is located in Sao Miguel Island in the Azores, Portugal.

H3 House


Image: 314 Architecture Atudio

The futuristic look of this house was inspired by the owner’s passion for yachts. It is situated in Athens, Greece with a total floor area of 3000 square meters. This is an eco-friendly house that uses geothermal energy.

Moebius House


Image: Architects Tony Owen Partners

A house located in Sydney, Australia which is a concrete example of liquid architecture featuring a distinctive roof shape. One solid white wall extends over the house to the second floor creating a terrace.

OLS House


Image: J.Mayer H. Architects

This house is beautiful with a futuristic touch. It is designed for a family of four with an elevated main floor. This is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dupli Casa


Image: J.Mayer H. Architects

From an old house to a futuristic home – this is how the Dupli Casa was made. The renovation sure looked amazing that the homeowners might no longer recognize their previous space. This house design shows the family’s history by duplication and rotation. You will find this in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Futuristic House in Los Angeles


Image: Studio Void

This futuristic house uses strong geometric lines. Its interior looks so beautiful and totally comfortable too. The area is around 540 sq.m.

The Komb House


Image: Semsa

This house looks interesting due to its unique design. It uses technology and materials that have minimal impact to the environment. It features solar panel heated water, energy efficient appliances, reuse of pluvial and grey water, low energy LED lighting and raised radiant flooring. This dwelling is divided into spaces for main daily activities, play, eat, sleep and cleanse.

Zero House


Image: Zerohouse

Believe it or not, this house can be yours wherever you are. This small house for four people is prefabricated. It can easily be shipped and erected quickly. This is also eco-friendly, comfortable and self-sufficient.

Capital Hill Residence


Image: Zaha-hadid

In the Slopes of Barvikha, Russia, an ultra-contemporary luxury villa made from steel, concrete and glass is seated. One look at it will remind you of a spaceship. This house is spacious that you can get anything you want for a home from saunas to a fitness area.

Retro Futuristic House Design


Image: Mecanoo Architecten

Have you ever imagined how a house would look like if you combine retro and futuristic designs? You will come up with something like this house in Wageningen. The combination creates a contemporary living space with several terraces and porches.

Beekbergen Villa


Image: Factor Architecture

This home located in Beekbergen village in the Dutch province of Gelderland is so unique. It is designed for a family who prefers a home with futuristic and whimsical design. The exterior of the house has two faces. The other one look contemporary with a solid white concrete while the other one looks totally unique and futuristic.

Pangyo House


Image: Office 53427

This white three storey house is located in Seoul, South Korea. It has an eccentric facade with curvy lines and square perforations. This house- no matter how futuristic it looks- is actually designed to connect with nature.

Shell House


Image: Artechnic

In Karuizawa, Japan, you will find this home with the profile of a shell and its entire look is so futuristic. The facade looks like two ovals but if you go around the structure, it is really shaped like a shell and you will surely be amazed with it! It uses double-elliptical shapes and curves for the structure supported by concrete and wood.

House F


Image: Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten

Nature and technology was combined in this house that looks like from a sci-fi on first glance. But yes, this is real. It was designed to fit into the slopes of the location. It has pitched roofs that are cladded with sheet metal that made it look like a machine.

Futuristic house are really amazing! Aside from being unique, you will surely be impressed on how the professionals worked on the design. It would certainly require in depth and proper analysis to make sure that the structures will remain sturdy and durable. Even the workers deserve commendation because they were the ones who worked to realize the designs of the architects and engineers. But if you want a home that is easier to build that this, you can try having modern homes which is trendy these days. You might also get ideas on what you want for home from our other collections.