Stunning Ways to Add Period Features to Your Bathroom

Interior design can take influences from many different styles and periods. While some people like a more modern look, others prefer to use period features that are inspired by design trends of the past. If it’s time to redecorate your bathroom, you might already have seen some beautiful designs inspired by the Victorian era or other periods from history. Taking inspiration from these times can be an excellent place to start coming up with ideas. And you can combine modern and classic features to create a beautiful room. Here are some design ideas you can use to influence your choices for your new bathroom.


Charlotte Holmes

Freestanding Bathtub with Feet

One of the most recognizable features of a period bathroom is often the freestanding bath. Bathtubs wouldn’t have been fixed into the wall in the past, and you don’t have to do it now. If you’re replacing an existing tub or converting a room into a bathroom, you can pick a standalone bath instead. The classic feature that makes the tub stand out as being inspired by past design trends is the feet. Many tubs would have been clawfoot baths, and they still look fantastic today in either a traditional or more update style. Have brass feet for a classic look, or white to match the tub for a more modern option.

Period Lighting

Lighting fixtures can make excellent additions to a period bathroom. You could combine them with more modern lighting, or you could focus on using more traditional pieces. The great thing is that you can combine modern technology for bright lights with a classic style. Having period fixtures doesn’t mean you have to have out of date technology. You could use ornate glass lights like the ones in the Hinkley bathroom lighting collection or stunning wall brackets to give your bathroom a unique touch.

Wall Panelling

When it comes to the walls of your bathroom, the modern trend is towards using tiles. But for a period bathroom, wood panelling looks fantastic. You don’t have to do the whole wall; it could be just the bottom half or top half. You can fit panelling on yourself, so you can avoid having to hire someone to do it. You could contrast the panelled and non-panelled parts of the wall, perhaps having white panels and painting the rest of the wall in a colour of your choice.


Floors are also often tiled these days, but in the past they would have been hardwood. You can still have a wooden floor in the bathroom if you seal it to protect it from the moisture. Your bathroom will look very sophisticated with exposed wood on the floor, especially when combined with other period elements. If you currently have tiles, you might be able to take them up and restore and treat the floor underneath.

Adding some beautiful period features for your bathroom can make it stand out from anyone else’s. Make your bathroom something special, instead of sticking with the same old design.