Using Wrought Iron Furniture for a Vintage Look at Home

There are many reasons to incorporate finely crafted wrought iron furnishings and accessories into the indoor and outdoor decor of a home. Not only are they elegant, versatile, and sturdy, but they can also be used to add a distinctive vintage or antique flair to a home. Another added bonus? Wrought iron designs allow one to showcase exceptional taste and style.

Lasting Indoor Elegance


The elegant look of classic vintage wrought iron pieces can be used to create a pleasing ambiance for any room or area. Unlike weaker cast iron, which is made in molds, skilled blacksmiths throughout the world have been forging beautiful wrought iron designs for centuries. How do these master craftsmen turn wrought iron into timeless antique masterpieces that so many people crave? They achieve it by layering ironwork designs with up to 5 coats of paint, and then artfully wiping parts of it away or darkening it in carefully selected areas. Using high-end materials and treatments, they twist, curve and hammer each piece into place by hand, and each becomes a unique piece of artwork.

Once the finishing work is complete, unforgettable pieces can be incorporated into interior designs for a classic and elegant look. Artisan manufacturers such as Emporio San Firenze of Italy, (offered in North America through Anne Thull Fine Art Designs) make exceptional handmade pieces of functional art. Eclectic selections of handcrafted indoor and outdoor wrought iron furnishings, from furniture sets to individual tables, chairs, lighting, and other accessories have an endless array of potential uses.

Unsurpassed Outdoor Beauty



Finding the right outdoor furniture is sometimes a bit tricky. Naturally, it should reflect one’s personal taste and style. However, it also needs to be tough and resilient, since it will be located outside and exposed to the elements. Depending on the location and the season, most outside furniture must be able to withstand all kinds of weather, from driving rain and frigid snow to blazing heat.

In such extreme weather environments, does one need to choose between aesthetic appeal and strength? With wrought iron patio furniture, designers can enjoy the best of both worlds, as the material combines classic beauty with rugged strength and durability. While wood, fabric and plastic furniture can break down and appear worn when continually exposed to the elements, wrought iron can take just about whatever is thrown its way. However, although wrought iron furniture and accessories can enhance outdoor areas throughout all seasons, they should regularly be inspected for rust. If rust issues are ever identified, the recommended action is to gently sand the rusted area, and then coat it with primer and paint. Alternatively, some homeowners actually allow their pieces to rust and blend with the environment.