Add Some Wow Factor to Your Property With My Fabulous Ideas

Wow factor is essential for all properties. Not only do you need to love where you live, but you also need to impress potential buyers. So make sure your home ticks all the boxes that people might be looking for. Here are some of my favourite suggestions to help with that.


We have started the process of planning to add an en-suite bathroom to our bedroom. This is going to make the room look amazing. And it has the practical element of another bathroom, so I’m pretty excited. So you need to give some thought to adding an en-suite in your property. A lot of people feel these are gimmicky, but I disagree. I feel that an en-suite bathroom is a worthy and important addition to any home. It will attract interest because it’s functional and will save new buyers money.


You know how much I love the idea of extensions, so this is going to be my next suggestion! You seriously need to think about getting an extension done if you want to add some wow factor. There are so many great services an extension can provide for your home. For one thing, it adds extra space and value to the property. People will be interested because they’ll be getting extra space. And they won’t have had to sort out the work themselves. Get a conservatory as soon as you can, you’ll thank me for it later!

Put a Pool In!

Now, if you’re feeling a little bit ambitious, you might think about getting a pool installed. We have toyed with the idea in the past but never got around to it. It could prove quite pricey, so you’ll have to consider this an investment. And, of course, you’ll want to have some time to enjoy the pool too. So it might be worth getting one put in sooner rather than later. I would say if you have the money and space now then go for it. A few years down the line it’s going to put your property top of the pile for buyers.


I know, I know, decorating can be laborious, but it’s also essential. You need to keep your place modern and up to date. When prospective buyers visit, they don’t want to feel they’re seeing an old-fashioned property. You want to make them love the look of the place, and leave them wanting to see it again. That’s why redecorating is essential. We are always redecorating and touching up our place. Sometimes we’ll repaint whole rooms. Other times I might just hang some Roman blinds or rearrange the furniture. Redecorating is vital, so you need to get yourself into a good habit of doing it.


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I know what it’s like trying to make your home into something wonderful. Of course, you think it’s wonderful, but it depends on what other people think. You need to be pragmatic and look to the future. Selling your home is not as easy as it might appear, and getting the right price is even harder. So make sure you prepare and do all you can to make your home as sellable as you can.