Four Reasons To Take Your Child To The Hospital/ER

It’s never a good time when you have to decide whether or not to take your child to the emergency room.  Sometimes, if you’re a newer parent, it’s hard to know when it’s actually necessary and when you can handle the situation on your own.  This is an absolutely common struggle that parents from anywhere in the world will face at one point during their children’s lives.  If you’re searching for a bit more information pertaining to this matter, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick overview of four legitimate reasons you would need to take your child to a doctor immediately.  


Infant with a fever

By infant, we mean a child that is under two months old.  If your baby has a fever over one hundred degrees at that young of an age, then you need to have them seen.  Little babies don’t have a fully functioning immune system yet, and can come down with an infection very quickly.  Don’t ignore a fever in a little baby.  When they’re over the age of two, it’s not quite the emergency anymore, and you should usually just let the fever break naturally.  It’s better for the child’s immune system.  

Constant and/or abrupt coughing

If your child begins to cough, and cannot stop.  If they wake up in the middle of the night with a seal cough, or if coughing is painful for them, then you should have them seen as soon as possible.  Your child could be having an asthma attack, or struggling with the effects of asthma, and that is a very serious issue.  Untreated asthma can lead to chronic respiratory issues and even death.  

A head injury that causes unconsciousness

If your child is struck in the head, and loses consciousness, then you should call 911 immediately.  The loss of consciousness can be a sign of injury or stress on the brain from the impact.  Any head injury should be taken seriously, but especially when coupled with the loss of consciousness.  Most children are covered through government insurance.  Don’t hesitate to use it when it comes to your child’s cranial wellness.  

Stiff neck coupled with fever and lethargy

If you notice a bit of a limp or sluggish walk, coupled with a stiff neck, and fever, then you need to get your child to the hospital as quickly as possible.  The presence of all of these symptoms together can mean that your child has been exposed to spinal meningitis.  It’s very serious, and time is extremely important for successful treatment.  Time could very possibly mean the difference between life and death in this situation.  Just make sure that there are more than one symptom present.  Each of these symptoms alone don’t necessarily mean anything serious.