Five Tips for Redecorating On A Budget

No matter the scope of your project there are always ways to make a large difference while staying true to a budget.  Here are five tips to consider to maximize your design impact without breaking the bank!


1.) Paint

There is no simpler way to renovate a home than to apply a fresh coat of paint.  Painting is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to make a big change in a space.  When selecting a new color for your walls make sure to consider the quality that you are looking for in the space.  For example, if you want a more relaxing space you may want to consider painting your walls a peaceful periwinkle or a refreshing spring green.  Don’t be nervous with your color selections, because it is always just as easy to paint again!

2.) Add Some Accessories

If your home feels boring or impersonal adding accessories is the perfect way to add a finishing touch.  Far too frequently homeowners stop their design process one step short, forgetting that accessories are the final step towards uniqueness in a home.  Adding candles, throws, artwork, and personal mementos will take a space from unfinished to polished in no time at all!

3.) Refinish Existing Pieces

A new piece of furniture may seem like the perfect answer to any design problem that you are faced with, but this is not always the case.  Before you head out to purchase a new sofa or set of dining room chairs consider options such as refinishing or reupholstering your existing pieces.  This will enable you to bring new life to tired pieces and will add a new sense of life to your home.

4.) Utilize Free Design Services

Many design stores offer some sort of design service to help you get started on a project.  Whether they just chat with you in their store to help get ideas flowing, or they coming out to your home for a consultation, it is always recommended to take advantage of the opportunity.  A professional’s opinion can help guide you in the right direction, and regular services may not be an option.

5.) Shop For Discounts

Groupon Discounts is an exciting new element of the popular money saving website Groupon!  The program enables you to access thousands of savings opportunities Groupon Discounts is the place to search for deals before heading out to make a major purchase.  With new stores and deals added every day and no requirements necessary for purchase, they are the best way to save money during a project!

With this in mind it is time to hit the stores and get to designing!