3 Kitchen Appliances That Can Be Wonderful Or Wasteful

When setting up your home, you may be looking for a certain kitchen aesthetic. While cabinet and countertops can differ greatly between homes, there is one look that is universally appealing: open counter space. Whether you are trying to whip up a five-course dinner or an after-school snack, counter space is very important.


Trying to cook in an overly cluttered kitchen can become a process of kitchen rearranging more than culinary creation. One reason countertops can become so overwhelmed is that people find themselves buying far too many appliances. Do you really need that many expensive gadgets? Here we will take a look at which kitchen appliances are necessary for your lifestyle.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes. Many people invest in juicers in the hopes of pursuing a juice cleanse, but find themselves burned out early on. Other people find a juicer is their one daily necessity, and whipping up a cup of fresh carrot and kale juice early in the morning is better than coffee (resulting in the removal of the coffee maker from their kitchen).

Unfortunately, juicers can fast become another object of clutter in a home with too many appliances. If you jumped on the juice wagon only to fall off with the hype, it may be time to sell your juicer and save your space. Remember, blended fruits and veggies are better for you anyway, so you could make your blender do double-duty.

Food Processor

What was once the magic creation to help cooking prep go quickly has fast become a monstrous appliance that eats up countertop space and takes forever to clean. Food processors can be especially useful for those who make homemade sauces regularly, utilize fresh sliced fruits and veggies or even whip-up homemade bread dough.

However, for the average kitchen user, the food processor becomes just another waste of space. Food processors are often underutilized because the time they save you chopping is negated by the time you spend cleaning all of the components. Take time to mark the calendar for the last time you used the food processor, if it is less than once a month, it may be time to sell it or banish it to the garage or pantry.


Yes, you read that right. Surprisingly, many homes are now finding that their blockish microwaves can easily be lived without. The simple fact is, many of the other appliances you already own may be able to do the same job as a microwave and better. For instance, the tea kettle will get your water boiling quickly and safely (no superheating).

Additionally, an item like the toaster oven can work to grill foods, toast bread, thaw packages and warm pies. Many of the foods that come out slightly soggy from the microwave would benefit from a trip under the broiler or on the grill. Assess what your microwave is actually used for and whether it is actually making itself useful.