How to Dress as a Freelancer

When you work as a freelancer, it can be a bit difficult to know how to dress sometimes. You are stuck between wearing your pajamas when you are sure you’ll be left alone, to a surprise Skype video chat, or even worse, an in-person meeting. Don’t get caught with your pants down, literally, and make sure to always keep one nice pair of clothing on hand for important business meetings.


Appearances matter- as a web designer you know that. Your clients always want to see you looking good. They never want to see a coder who is dressed shabbily and hardly takes the time to brush his own teeth in the morning. Make sure that when you meet with clients, you are conveying a sense of responsibility and “with-it”ness that, quite frankly, you might not actually possess in your day to day life. You certainly need to do your best to give a positive lasting impression- and that’s why appearances matter.

To make it easy on yourself, shop at Gap. When you shop at Gap, you have an incredible variety of clothing at your fingertips- from the super serious button down short, slacks, and polished shoes, to a t-shirt and flip flops. Of course, we don’t actually recommend going to a business meeting in flip flops, but the point is that you can find anything you want at Gap, all across the spectrum, from ultra serious to beach day.

As a freelancer, your other concern is operating on a budget. Of course, you need to respect your business expenses and not overshoot on your budget. We get that. So, why did we suggest the Gap? It’s true that the Gap is high quality, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to shop there.

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