Is It Time To Expand Your House? Some Creative Options To Consider

Just because your house is a size currently does mean it has to stay that way, and there are all sort of reasons to expand. You might have enough money to add a room for entertainment or enjoyment. Perhaps you have an addition to the family coming and need another bedroom. Maybe you even just want to practice your personal building skills!


But, there are definitely some creative (as well as practical) options when it comes to these matters. Expansions may be outward (as in the case of a full deck or conservatory, for instance, or perhaps an additional garage), or even downward, like finishing off a basement. All are possible, and have ways for you to approach them with an open mind.

High-End Conservatories

For the upper-class creative with some room to expand, deciding to build a conservatory is definitely a luxury option. This could be for a music room, a sunroom, a mediation room, or maybe even something like a garden or plant house. But with a custom-built expansion like this, the sky’s the limit to what can be designed and accomplished.

An Extra Bedroom

If you’re feeling tight for sleeping space, adding an extra bedroom might be a good choice. This may be a bit of a construction project because in order to add things like closets and bathrooms, that’s a lot of installation, so many time adding rooms like this may mean adding an entirely new level to a home. If that’s in the cards, you can go for it, or it might just mean something like adding a wing onto an existing area.

A Full Deck

If you have the room and the desire for some outdoor expansion, building a full deck around your home is a project that many people have found very satisfying. Because after this deck is built, you can enclose it if you want, or even something like have a hot tub built into it. There are lots of creative options to choose from!

The Basement Opportunity

And as far as downward expansion goes, even though you won’t physically be adding space to the mix, you’ll be adding useful and comfortable space if you decide to finish your basement. This may end up being a game room, or a playroom, and often turns into the coolest room in the house to just relax in.

More Room In the Garage

And it’s fairly common to either build a garage or expand a garage on your property as well. If you purchase a new vehicle, or even if you need more storage space for outdoor equipment, it’s not that big of an investment to enclose some extra space, and because it’s not living space, the cost is quite effective.