3 Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable For Guests

While some people love having house guests to entertain, others find this experience as a more trying and stressful situation. Accommodating all your personal needs while simultaneously accommodating your guests can cause strain on your typical routine as well as the typical routine of those visiting your home. From supplying food to be enjoyed by all to setting the home at the right temperature, it can be hard to know what adjustments you should make for everyone’s comfort. So to make each person’s stay a more enjoyable experience, here are three things you can begin doing to make your guests more comfortable in your home without putting yourself out too much.


Keep The Essentials On-Hand

Everyone knows that toiletries are a common thing to get lost or forgotten when packing for a trip. However, these things often aren’t noticed until the time they’re needed, which then becomes an inconvenient time to go out and make a new purchase. So to help your guests be comfortable and prepared in your home, Elizabeth Schatz Passarella, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends for hosts and hostesses to keep some essentials on-hand for travelers. This could include toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, razors and other small, travel-sized bathroom items that will help make your guests feel fresh and clean.

Use Minimal Decor In Guest Rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in which you can accommodate guests, you may be wondering about the best way to set up or decorate that room in order to make your visitors as comfortable as possible. To help with this question, MarthaStewart.com recommends leaving the decorations to a minimum in order for guests to feel less like guests in an unfamiliar space. By not providing too many personal touches, you can help your guests make the space their own for the short time they’ll be there.

Finding A Place For the Extras

There’s nothing worse than having a guest or two at your home and feeling like your space is now taken over by suitcases and other traveling items that have no proper place to belong. To avoid this issue, consider how you can rearrange your home in order to add a small space for guests to store their belongings while visiting. Interior designer Bunny Williams tells Jourdan Crouch of CountryLiving.com that a simple shelf with pegs or a storage organizer is the perfect solution for travel items so nothing’s in the way and your guests don’t feel that they are inconveniencing others in the house.

We’ve all been guests in someone else’s home and felt a twinge of uneasiness at times. To help your guest avoiding that feeling when visiting your home, use the tips mentioned above to create a comforting space your guests will soon call their home away from home.