The Best Poolside Landscaping Solutions For Your Home

If you have an backyard pool, it may feel like your entire yard has been taken over, leaving no room to even think about landscaping – but think again. Adding some accent plants or other details can really bring your backyard to life and make it a retreat all summer long.


Poolside landscaping doesn’t need to be complicated because your pool is already the star of the show. Instead, keep your upgrade simple with these 3 easy ideas.

Landscape Or Hardscape

When creating the surroundings for your pool, consider the idea of landscaping in the broadest sense. Though landscaping technically refers to the plant life and natural environment in your yard, we can extend it to the concept of hardscape, or the man made objects around it as well.

Hardscaping is the perfect solution for the area closest to your pool, where you might put lounge chairs and small tables. Or, if you have kids, adding a water slide or other apparatus can increase the appeal of the pool and entertain the kids for hours.

Plants In Paradise

Adding plants to the space around your pool is a great way to create greater privacy, screening off the space and, if you have an above ground pool, also covering up the less attractive outside. One thing you’ll want to be mindful of when planting near a pool are the chemicals used to keep your water clean. Since pools are treated with chlorine, you need plants that won’t be harmed Succulents, for example, don’t need much water and they also aren’t bothered if swimmers splash them with chlorinated water. Many ferns and ornamental grasses are also well suited for this environment.

Mood Lighting

If you want to be able to use your pool at night – and who doesn’t love an evening dip on a sticky summer night – you’ll want to install lighting in the surrounding area. Solar powered garden lights are a good solution and can be put into the soil or rocks around the pool. And since these won’t need an outlet, you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby power source.

It’s recommended that you add at least one motion sensitive light out near your pool. These are usually brighter than the solar powered lights, but more importantly, they can also alert you to dangerous situations. If a child happens to wander out at night, a bright light can potentially alert adults and prevent them from drowning.

One of the best things about landscaping around your pool is that because it’s more about creating a mood and enhancing the usable space, it typically doesn’t take very long. You can complete any of these projects with just a trip to the hardware store and a single free weekend. It’s really that simple. And what’s more, none of these projects require significant upkeep. It’s the best of both worlds – a beautiful backyard pool space with hardly any effort.