Improving Your Home? Start With the Master Bedroom

If you’re getting the itch to do something in the vein of home improvement, it’s a solid idea to start in your master bedroom. It’s out of the way enough not to disrupt the normal state of affairs in your house, it’s private enough that you can do what you want without having to worry about public opinion, and there are small and big projects in there that you can accomplish.


So, five of the ways that you can do this specifically include remembering that the mattress is king, you should always set up so that sleep is the goal, visible details are extremely important for comfort, the master bathroom needs to be in order, and you can always personalize with DIY projects over time.

The Mattress Is King

Home improvement in the bedroom starts with improving your sleep experience. This means getting the right mattress, the right sheets, the right pillows, and the right surrounding details. Try not to worry too much about the cost of all of these things, because if there’s one thing you want to be high quality, it’s your sleeping arrangement.

Set Up the Room For Sleep

The bedroom is about sleeping. If you want to improve your bedroom, that’s a parallel with improving your sleeping experience. And one of the biggest tips that you’ll see over and over is to get the TV out of the space. Is it odd that a home improvement project is going to ┬ásimply involve removing a distraction? Maybe. But does it work? Absolutely! If you’re not totally sold, try just covering it for a week or two to see what happens.

Take Care of Visible Details

If 95% of your bedroom looks fantastic, it’s going to be the 5% that bugs you. So when doing the bedroom improvement process, whatever you take care of, take care of it completely. Clean up those edges. Straighten those pictures on the wall. Make sure the ceiling fan is dusted and there’s no clutter on the dressers. Those may seem simple and obvious, but as a quick checklist, it’s a great way to focus your improvement efforts.

Clean Up the Master Bathroom

If you have a bathroom attached to you master bedroom, that’s going to be a good project to tackle. One fun thing about that bathroom in particular is that you can have a bathroom theme that’s fun and fits your personality.

Personalize With DIY Projects

The master bedroom is a great place to personality with small DIY projects as well. These can be either artistic or practical, but at the very least they’re awesome ways to show that you’re serious about making your bedroom more personalized in the overall improvement of your home.