Five Ways to Add Spark to Your Home on a Budget

Instead of popping when you enter the rooms in your house, do your rooms sort of fizzle.  If everything blends together in a mish mash of sameness, you’ve got to add some color to shake the doldrums out of your space. Here are 5 simple ideas to add a bit of colorful snap to your style.


Paint it out

New paint can shake up your sense of style.  Use a contrasting color on an accent wall to bring some life to your room.  Use the right color to enhance the mood you are looking for.  For example, earth tones for calm, forest tones for relaxing, cool tones for rest, bright tones to liven up and lighten a room.

Gather together as many free paint samples as you can to plan out your painting.  Tape up your paint samples and step back and reflect.  Will this work?  Then just do it anyway, because paint is cheap!  

Look for sales at your local hardware store; sometimes you can buy quarts on special, or even a couple of sample sizes might cover the area you are painting.  Be careful, though, about using different mix lots.  As computerized and technical as color mixing has become, it still is not perfect.  Different lots will give you slightly different colors. 

Take the time to prep well.  Tape is your friend, plastic sheeting is cheap.  Use good rollers, just wash them really well (you won’t regret this).  Use a plastic bag in your roller tray and you can use the tray over and over.  Pour out your paint, roll it on, cut in your corners, and there you go!

Add Kitschy Style

Quirkiness is its own art form. How you get your quirk on is up to you!  Adding kitschiness to your spaces can be done in a thousand ways.  Flea market shopping lets you find pieces that are off-beat and funky, from stuffed ground squirrels dressed as pirates to whole sets of furniture!  

Look at the mundane in new ways. Decorate your fridge with magnets from far off places you have been or dream of going. Use your decorations to create conversation and add color to your home and life. However you incorporate your kitsch, make it gloriously funky and awesome.

New Window Coverings

Besides adding privacy and helping you manage the light entering your home, your window covering can give you a place to add color and decoration.  Choose styles and colors that contrast for added drama.  Use layers to add depth or frame.  Valances can change the height of your windows, creating height in shorter rooms and lowering the window head against taller ceilings.

Pillow It Up

Pillows allow you to add vivid colors in dabs and swipes.  Using the colors, prints, textures, and shapes available in throw pillows allows you a staggering number of directions to go.  Keep it simple, use three or four patterns or shapes to add color and style, but not make it too busy.  

Picture This

Photos and prints allow you to add personality to your space.  Family, friends, nature, experiences, and so much more can be shared.  Use different sizes to add texture and depth.  Find funky frames to add style.  Painted and carved frames add charm and interest to your pictures.  For the fun of it, use vintage photos to add mystery and humor.  Make up stories related to the glaring German general you have on your side table.  

Have fun and find ways to keep the budget low, and you can have a great time adding spark on a budget. Make sure that before you buy any of the equipment and materials that you need to add a spark to your home that you’ve researched them well and that you’re getting the best price for a trustworthy brand. You’re best off starting with DIY and Tools reviews to see what other follow budget sparksters have to say about products, save yourself the stress of a bad purchase and save your money. Happy DIYing!