The revolution of cheap kitchens

Since cheaper, economies of scale driven furniture companies have emerged, it is now easier than ever to buy a kitchen at a low price whilst still achieving your desired design ideas. Huge companies like IKEA dominate this market and their target consumers tend to range from couples to families who are much happier to buy their furniture at affordable prices, rather than paying for a luxury service. They see the value of buying kitchens from companies like these as much higher as they don’t have to scrape their bank accounts for double the money to achieve a similar kitchen finish.


These low cost kitchen companies even offer customisable kitchen designs which are a strong attraction for customers and a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen too. Even though luxury kitchen companies offer a bespoke service, the designs and selections available can also be found elsewhere for a much lower cost. However, it is important to note that the luxury kitchen companies will most likely ensure they offer much higher quality kitchens, and this would be a good option if you were planning to have kids or sell your home in the near future as it would definitely increase the value of your home.

A slight drawback of investing heavily in a luxury kitchen can be that as styles change quickly and season trends come around, you may want to change the design of your kitchen soon after it has been finished! This can be very expensive if everything has already been custom-fitted and can’t be sold off easily; compared with cheap quick installation kitchens which can be changed around quite easily due to the nature of their installation mechanisms.

However, one of the issues with buying a kitchen from a low-cost kitchen supplier is that the installation of it can be very complicated when they don’t offer an installation service. Sometimes this can lead to huge additional costs if it is too difficult to install on your own as customers would then have to hire a kitchen installer to come and do it. As well as that, there can many issues that can ensue if the kitchen isn’t fitting correctly. Hence, you can see how quickly this can become a literal nightmare and often people would rather pay the extra cost of the convenience of having an installation service included in the price from a higher end kitchen provider.

Cheap kitchen companies do offer great value for money however on features in the kitchen such as in built appliances like butcher block counters. Other gadgets like these are definitely worth getting from cheaper companies as well because the premium that you can pay for the price on similar appliances offered by more expensive companies is extortionate. Cheap kitchen accessories can also come as part of a cheap kitchen package deal and this can also save customers a lot of money when trying to furnish and organise their kitchen once it’s installed.

Overall it is evident that cheap kitchens are a fantastic cost saving option to consider and maybe the best outcome would be a mix-match of cheaper kitchen units and appliances, combined with bespoke custom made luxury items made by other kitchen suppliers.