How To Buy The Most Attractive Green Rugs For Your Home

Many people are fearful of the color green. Green is definitely a difficult color for homeowners. If you’re not skilled and experienced in interior design, you’ll have a difficult time trying to create a uniform appearance with green rugs. Nonetheless, green can be an excellent centerpiece to your home’s interior design. The color is neutral and will help to create a relaxing and calm environment. Before rushing ahead, you should take the time to learn how to invest in a good rug from your home. Tips for purchasing green rugs can be found below.

beautiful modern green rugs

Taking Measurements

First and foremost, you will want to figure out precisely what you desire. Rugs come in all different shapes and sizes. Although it is nice to have options, this can also make the selection process enormously difficult. Overstock agrees that a properly sized rug will energize your space and fill it with life. This is undoubtedly true, but you will need to put in a little effort, in order to get the right size. You’ll need a tape measure and a little patience. Depending on the size of the space, you may also need a friend to hold one end of the tape. Nonetheless, do everything right so you can get precise measurements.

Color Variations

Since you’ve come this far, there is no doubt that you’re interested in something green. However, it is vital to remember that there are numerous shades of green. Some green hues will learn towards yellow and will be more vibrant than a darker color. In order to make the right pick for your home, you will need to examine your room’s current color scheme and figure out precisely what you wish to achieve. Those that wish to create a lively room will want to select a lighter green. However, if you want a neutral green living room, you should really check out the examples from Better Homes and Gardens.

Shop In-Person


Millions of consumers are turning to online shopping, because it is more convenient and provides more options. However, when it comes to shopping for a new run, this may not be such a good idea. In order to get the best throw rug for a specific area in your home, you will need to shop at local establishments. Home and garden, carpet, and department stores carry various rugs in a long range of sizes and shapes. If you are shopping for a new rug for your kitchen, you should consider the color of the wall paint, curtains, and décor. The colors should be embedded into the rug’s design, in order for it to envelop into the room perfectly.

By shopping in person, you can examine the color and design more closely. You can also bring a curtain with you or take a picture of your kitchen with your smartphone. This will give you a visual tool to look at and make comparisons. Remember, if you do not find what you are looking for in one of the stores continue shopping until you do. Alternatively, shopping online with My Rug Store can provide you with additional options and more savings.