Making Your Kitchen Fit for a Party

The only type of design that works these days when it comes to doing up your kitchen is functional design. A kitchen space that’s built and decorated for something like a family celebration is undeniably quite a bit different from the one which you’d use along with your family on a day to day basis.


You might have to liaise with some experienced and creative designers if the annual Christmas celebrations, which require your kitchen to be used and enjoyed in a little bit of a different manner, have you feeling like something’s missing.

We have some top tips from shaker kitchen designers, Harvey Jones, for a kitchen that’s perfect for a party at any time of year:

  1. An Island or Peninsula Makes for a Great Gathering Place for Guests

When there’s a party going on, nothing beats the ability to access a work surface from the periphery of the central kitchen space. This core kitchen space usually assumes the form of an island or peninsula, used throughout the year as nothing but a homework station top or breakfast bar. When there’s a party at your residence however, an added worktop overhang on the island or peninsula will make provision for you to add a few more bar stools so that you can accommodate a lot more of the parties.

  1. Create a Bar Type Setting with the Addition of a Drinks Station

What do people come to a party to do? Well to drink of course, even if you’re not exclusively serving alcoholic beverages, so there definitely has to be some sort of designated drinking station. If you’re still in the earliest stages of designing your kitchen, some built-in party considerations come in the form of something like a double-door breakfast station or one with a tambour front. When the parties arrives however, some decorative changes can include removing what appear to be “domestic” goods like small appliances, cereals and breakfast china and then replacing those with some party-specific decor and goods like cocktail makers, snacks and glasses. If you store a wine cooler in another part of your home, now’s the time to bring it into the kitchen to add to that party atmosphere.

  1. Provide Plenty of Seating Places

Frequent entertainers know all too well just how parties end up being a little bit bigger than initially anticipated, so be prepared for that by just stocking up on convenient stow-away or folding chairs which you can bring out from the cupboard storage.

  1. Use Party Appropriate Lighting

Good lighting never fails in creating a party mood where none seems to be forthcoming. All you really have to do is make provision for some lighting which can be added for a party when designing your kitchen, taking into account space for some LED strips to perhaps be added behind glass splashbacks and inside cupboards.