5 Ways to Open Up Small Living Spaces

Small spaces might at first appear to limit your interior design choices but a top Los Angeles interior designer will tell you that this challenge actually presents amazing opportunities. There are many ways that small spaces can be enhanced with decoration, storage solutions, vintage touches, and much more. These are just five of the strategies that interior designers in Beverly Hills use to make small spaces feel large and inviting.Bighorn_1032_Vale_Crest-3875-Edit

  1. Simple, Monochromatic Colors

Many colors placed close together make spaces feel small and closed in. Choose just one shade, such as a soothing off-white, and use different values of that single color to paint the room and its features. Consider using colors such as:

  • Yellow
  • Light blue
  • Blue-white
  • Warm grey
  1. Select Visually Light Furniture

Look for sleek, modern furniture without a lot of fuss or extraneous details. Minimalist, simplified designs will not overwhelm the space; instead, they will create the feeling of having plenty of space to stretch out.

  1. Utilize Glass Touches

Glass is a material that captures light and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Mirrors, beautiful windows, glass table tops, and even glass tiles can all be used to make a space feel airy and open.

  1. Include Mirrors

Mirrors can do much more than add a touch of glass to a room. The reflection creates an illusion of additional space which makes even compact bathrooms feel comfortable to be in.download+(5)

  1. Select a Single Flooring

If you have the option of choosing your own flooring, consider selecting the same flooring product for every room. Seeing the same flooring makes your entire home or apartment feel unified and spacious instead of broken up.

Apartments and small homes do not have to feel claustrophobic. Small space decoration can make you feel more comfortable instead of cramped and uncomfortable. Call 310-428-2645 to learn how JAC Interiors can transform your home or send us a message online.