The Bohemian Bathroom: 10 Ways to Get the Look

In modern usage, the term ’bohemian’ applies to people who live unconventionally and artistically. The original Bohemians originated in Central Europe where they had a different name: gypsies. Currently, the gypsy style is widely appreciated both in terms of clothing and interior design. Speaking of interior design, sure, it is easy to incorporate the bohemian style in your bedroom or your living room. But what about the bathroom? Now that is art. Here is how to do it the right way.

1. Embrace vintage

Besides embracing the bohemian style, vintage also makes the space seem warmer and classier. The key is in adding one main vintage piece that will tie everything together. There is the classic and timeless claw-foot porcelain bathtub, a pedestal sink with a curvy design that will bring a Victorian feeling to the space, and a toilet with a detached tank and chain handle.

When it comes to metals, avoid chrome and focus on dull metals such as copper, nickel, oiled bronze and wrought iron.

2. Textiles are your best friends

Bohemian is all about texture and textiles. I mean, come on, have you seen the way they dressed? There were patterns, mandalas, flowers, splashes of colors – you name it. So if you are thinking about adding heavy brocade curtains or even an oriental rug to your bathroom, you are more than welcome to go for it. However, make sure they are safe from splashes.

3. Patterned tiles

If there is one thing that will add an instant gypsy vibe to your bathroom, it is definitely boho patterned tile. Depending on your needs, you can either opt for simpler, three-color tile, or go wild with the 5, 6, etc. color tile. And the good thing is – you won’t have to calm the tile down by making everything else monochrome – you are free to do whatever you want and go crazy with the remaining elements as well.

4. Accessorizing

Pay a visit to your local vintage shop and start digging. In boho bathrooms, everything is welcome. You can hang a Moroccan lantern, bold towels, golden framed mirrors, window-like mirrors, dream catchers  – whatever your heart desires. However, be careful not to overdo with decorations because your bathroom can easily turn into a tacky mess.

5. Mix and match

The great thing about the bohemian style is that everything is allowed. It doesn’t matter if you have a super classy freestanding stone bath from ACS designer bathrooms – no one can forbid you to install marble flooring, oak or any other varnished wood flooring –anything goes.

6. Wood cabinets

A bathroom is never complete without a cabinet or two, right? Instead of getting the common white plastic cabinets that will bring a contemporary feeling to the space, opt for varnished wood cabinets and embrace the beauty of nature. It will look way nicer and it will tie the space together.

7. Different textures

There are really no limits when it comes to mixing and matching textures; the more the better actually. Just take a look at this bold bathroom from The Selby where you will see tile, concrete, wood and paneling – and it is effective as hell.

8. Art

Who said you cannot place a vibrant piece of art on your bathroom wall? Exactly – no one. The bohemian style is all about art and if this is something you are considering, just go for it. However, make sure you pick a painting that is water resistant or, if it’s not, just frame it.

9. Linen shower curtains

Linen is a material with a lovely texture, but again with a straightforward and clean look that is just perfect for the bathroom – especially the shower.

10. Greenery

Plants make everything better. And besides that, they also provide us with much needed oxygen, lift our mood and connect us with nature. Plants are highly embraced among boho aficionados, and they make a fine addition to the bathroom. However, you have to make sure they will be able to stand up to all the moisture and that they get the lighting they needs. Check out this list of best bathroom-friendly plants and find the one that suits you most.

As you can see, the key to embracing the bohemian style is to be bold and free. Do what you like – that is never wrong.