Why Use a Bath Lift Instead of a Bath Board?

You can probably guess what a bath board is just by the name. Essentially, they are specially designed boards that fit across your bath from one rim to the other. When you need to wash yourself, they form a straight, solid seat.

Bath boards can work well, but it’s hard to deny that bath lifts are the better option. With a bath lift, a motor is fitted to your wall to raise and lower a long and wide belt. You lie on the belt, and the belt lowers you into the water and raises you back up again. Here are just a few reasons why the belt beats the board.

Less Strength Required

A bath board is made to be used by people with limited strength, but you still need to exert yourself somewhat to use one. You won’t need to lower or raise yourself as far, but you’ll still need to lower and raise yourself somewhat. Even if you’re strong enough to do that, you could place uncomfortable pressure on joints and muscles. With a bath lift, all the lifting and lowering is done for you.

Less Agility Required

Using a bath lift instead of a bath board requires less agility as well as less strength. With a bath board, you’ll still need to lift one leg over the rim of the bath to get in and out. This can get harder as you grow older, so fit a bath lift instead. They can be configured to raise both legs completely clear of the bath rim.

Deeper Bath

Even if you’re completely capable of using a bath board, you probably won’t enjoy your baths very much. The main point of a bath board is functionality – you’re able to get in a bath and wash yourself, but you won’t feel comfortable enough to lie back and light some candles since you’ll be held upright and won’t be fully immersed. Once a bath lift lowers you down, you’ll be taking a completely normal bath. That’s more comfortable, and it gives your muscles a chance to loosen up.