Three Factors of Effective Outdoor Stone Flooring

Whether you are building an outdoor area such as a pool, or adding a patio or path to your outdoor space; stone flooring is the best choice.

But how do you choose the right stone for the job? Here are the three factors you must follow when choosing outdoor stone flooring.

  1. Permanence

The first and most important part of choosing the right material for an outdoor feature is the permanence of the stone. You need to pick a stone that is frost and weather resistant.

Many limestones and slates are frost resistant yet terracotta and marble floorings are not.

If you pick the wrong material, the flooring will get damaged and flake away and wear down due to weather conditions.

  1. Durability

Secondly, you want to choose a stone that is durable.

Think about what your stone is going to be laid upon (the base). The best base to use is concrete as it provides a firm and consistent base which is mostly free on any movement or settlement.

If you use a concrete base, it is often the case that the stone tile you choose can be thinner because it doesn’t need to withstand stress and movement.

  1. Practicality

Finally, you need to choose a stone that is practical to its purpose. You don’t want to pick a stone/ finish that become extremely slippery and dangerous during/ after rain.

This means using tiles that have an aged or brushed finish as they create a non-slip surface.

Once you have taken into consideration all of the above factors, you can go about choosing the right stone that aesthetically suits your property.