7 Benefits of Timber Cladding

  1. Low Carbon Footprint

This material takes a lot less energy to produce than any other material used for construction.

  1. Re-usable and Recyclable

Once timber cladding is no longer wanted for the external use of a building, it can be reused and recycled for many different purposes.

  1. Easy to Repair and Redecorate

Timber cladding can be updated, repainted or varnished very easily. Also, if a panel gets damaged it can easily be removed and replaced.

  1. Suits all Budgets

You can choose from a wide range of softwood, hardwood or modified wood to suit your budget.

  1. Finishes

The addition of protective layers can add an individual finish and protect your home, making the modern look of your home last long.

  1. Sound and Thermal Insulation

Timber acts as a really good insulator for both heat and sound, making your home/ project incredibly strong and reliable.

  1. Design Ability

Finally, timber is used in a lot of architectural and interior masterpieces.
It also helps many people gain planning permission for rural places where the home needs to fit in with the environment.