What are your Window options for Double Glazing?

There are many different options when it comes to double glazing; and what suits best will depend on your personal tastes and home aesthetics. All options are usually available in double glazing and offer their own benefits when compared to each other. Here are some of the different options available to you and their benefits.

The Four main Contenders 

Casement Windows are one of the most popular double glazing options in the UK and are common in larger homes due to the large amount of light they let in; additionally they also promote good air circulation. The seal these windows create pair well with the double glazing to provide an energy efficient team; especially useful in windy climates.

Muntins are the strips that divide the single pane of glass; and the absence of them in these double glazed windows increases the views. As Well as providing better less obstructed views they also promote better security due to the hook shaped locks. The shape of these windows naturally make them more energy efficient, which coupled with the double glazing creates a money saving combination. 

Tilt and Turn Windows the dual hinge systems on these flexible windows makes them easy to maintain and clean. This option may prove the most suitable for family homes given their child-proof lock; additionally these windows can be fully opened Additionally the large size of these double glazed windows allows for good light low. This option is also very space efficient, taking up less room than the bay windows for example.

Many prefer the aesthetics of these windows and they also offer good security when installed by a reputable company. The hidden hinges of these windows also improve the overall look. 

Bay Windows are popular on larger semi-detached homes and project out from the house. Choosing this option for double glazing allows room for a deep sill which can be used for display purposes and also act as a seat.

The increase in square footage will add to the resale value of your house, not to mention the inclusion of the double glazing. This is due to the perceived additional living space given by this window option.

These windows are equally suited to both modern and more traditional homes; so they are a good option if you are looking to upgrade double glazing on older houses. Indeed the timeless design makes them ideal for creating a seperate area.

Traditional Sash Windows which combine two separate panes of glass offer traditional style coupled with excellent energy efficiency. Similar to the bay windows these pair well with both traditional and modern home styles. This option usually promotes better double glazing quality as well.

Whilst the windows are traditionally considered hard to clean the tilting feature of more up to date ones makes maintenance much easier.

All the options available have positive aspects and would make a great addition to any home. Go visit  Salisbury Glass to check out the options available to you.