How to correctly store your logs this winter

The winter months can be brisk and icey, especially in the dark evening. The days become shorter and in return we get less of that lovely warm sunshine. To combat the temperatures that come with the changes of the seasons, many people choose to invest in a wood burner.

Some people will stack their logs indoors in their porch or in the space around there log burners in hope to keep the logs warm and dry so they’re ready to use. Many people, though, keep their logs outdoors as it is the only space they have available.

If you need to store your logs outdoors it is recommended that you use a log store, but following these following tips should give you the best chance at keeping your logs dry throughout the winter.

  1. Neatly stack the logs

Your logs should be stacked in a neat fashion up against a wall or fence. Keep note that your logs shouldn’t touch the wall/ fence as the locks could absorb moisture from those areas. Stack your logs tightly to ensure that only the top layer gets wet/ damp if it rains.

  1. Where to stack your logs

It’s important to pick an area that is as sheltered as possible as prevailing winds can blow rain in a multitude of different directions. Your logs should always be stacked on a stable and flat surface too.

  1. Avoid trees

You may be thinking that your logs would be great if stored under the tree in your garden. It Is in fact not the best idea to do this is the water run-off from the tree is much more gradual and can cause water to seep through your log pile and get them damp.

  1. Use pallets to left logs from the ground

You should never dump you logs in a heap on the ground. Careful stacking will allow you to reap the best possible benefits from your logs

It is advised to place your logs on pallet boards to if possible as this will help keep a level of air flow beneath the logs as well as keeping the logs away from the ground.

Timber log stores are the recommended thing to use because they protect your logs against the elements as well as raising them from the ground. To get your own store, visit Timbersource today or get in touch with Timbersource directly on: 01373 469905