Lessons In Waste Removal With Waste Express

From the earliest days of civilisation people have had a natural inclination for accumulating rubbish. It’s something they have been able to acquire without any effort. But in addition there has always been a problem of what exactly to do with it. The methods we use today for waste removal and disposal are not that dissimilar to those of the past.

Landfill Sites

Even in the era of living in caves or early thatched round houses people quickly became disenchanted with falling over waste. Their solution? They created the first landfill sites based on the present day notion of out of sight, out of mind. Our ancestors’ small pits cause enormous excitement when they are discovered by archaeologists. Analysing ox bones and fragments of pottery provide them with valuable information about how our for bears lived. But what would today’s landfill sites tell anyone? They’re not so hard to spot in the first place but the most obvious tale is that our waste is wasteful. It’s not just plastic carrier bags that seem to be single use. Items such as crockery are thrown out that could still have years of useful life left in them if we made the effort to take them to a charity shop. Electrical goods could probably live longer if they were repaired instead of discarded at the first sign of trouble.

Natural Recycling

Our ancient predecessors would probably wonder why we’re having such difficulty trying to think of eco-friendly initiatives to optimise waste removal. But they’d have to remember that it was all much simpler for them as they had no choice but to use totally natural materials that harmlessly decomposed over time. Rushes growing at the river’s edge became baskets, chair seats and mats. Pieces of naturally woven cloth were re-used to carry home fresh produce from the market. Nearly everything they had was bio-degradeable and eventually disappeared. In the end they had very little waste to remove. At least we’ve made a start trying to replace the supermarket’s plastic display trays and indestructible but disposable coffee cups with eco-friendly cardboard.

Rubbish As Fuel

In days of yore sustainability was a phenomenon that everyone took for granted without even knowing what it was called. Anything that could have multiple functions was used to great economic effect and a great deal of rubbish was eventually used as a recyclable source of fuel. Everything from a threadbare tunic to a broken wooden stool ended up on the log fire where it provided heat for warmth and cooking. Present day waste removal innovations have been similarly inspired and include the introduction of rubbish burning industrial plants like the one near Swindon which hopes to create a recycled form of electricity to provide heating for large numbers of homes.

Efficient Waste Removal

Even with environmentally-friendly initiatives there will always be rubbish that needs removing. And Waste Express offers the most efficient, affordable waste removal service you could wish for. With an extensive network in cities and towns throughout the United Kingdom they can reach your rubbish within two hours of being alerted due to their use of speedy, local teams. Flexible arrangements mean they can remove it in the early morning or evening but they will always collect whenever it suits you. Bookings can even be taken up to three months in advance. They will happily remove anything from one small load or single item to clearing out a whole house or garden based rubbish tip. Their friendly collectors use a van for instant removal, the perfect alternative to a skip.