Best Uses For Solid Oak Boards | Timbersource

European Solid Oak Boards are a popular choice when it comes to any timber project. This is mainly due to its workability, luxuriousness and light golden-brown colour.

Properties of Solid Oak Boards

Solid oak boards are remarkably strong and durable with low stiffness and shock resistance. Machining varies piece by piece, but oak is good for nailing, screwing and glues, waxes and polishes well. Once steamed you will find your solid oak boards easy to bend!


Solid wood is timber that has been milled directly from trees. Solid oak boards are prized for numerous uses, including furniture, heavy or light construction, cladding and flooring.

What will it do to my home?

Solid oak is a high quality, distinctive material with a rich colour and is often used for decorative purposes because of its unmistaken ‘real wood’ look. It has a very attractive wood grain which adds an elegant texture and creates a rustic feeling. Whether its solid oak flooring, furniture or exposed beams, European Oak can instantly add texture to your homes.

Solid oak is deemed to be a healthy choice over metal, plastic and other materials. This is because of its natural insulation and environmental properties. If a room is finished with an uncoated wood, not only will it regulate humidity, just the mere look of wood can sooth one’s mind.

Solid oak boards will make your homes modern and classic. Depending on how you style it solid oak would look fantastic on your kitchen worktops to create a light country feel.  Using solid oak as your furniture material in your living room will instantly give off a warm ambiance and it can be styled to generate a delicate vintage touch whilst still looking chic.

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