A Kitchen to Call Your Own

Have you purchased a new home and want to design your own kitchen? Or do you have an existing home and just want to re-design the space you spend most of your time in, cooking for your family? A kitchen is a very important room in the home, most especially for homemakers and families. It is a place wherein a lot of your time together would be spent when you are eating as a family. That is why it is important that it is designed in a way where the people who are going to be in it and use it would feel the most comfort and ease. There are a lot of kitchens in Essex that you could base off your kitchen designs on, but wouldn’t it be great if you actually had something done that you could call your own? You could choose from different kinds of kitchen designs, but ultimately, it would be something that would be unique to you and for you.

Classic Styles

If you want an elegant looking kitchen, then there is no question that you should go for a more classic look. Even if your kitchen would have an original look and feel specifically for your home, it would still remain effortlessly timeless through the years to come. A classic style kitchen has a warmer feeler because of wooden inspired designs with materials used ranging from oak, walnut, and other similar feels. If you want a generally relaxed vibe in your kitchen, this is probably the best choice of style you could adapt to your design. Of course, you could still inject more contemporary pieces if you would like to. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching, as long as it is a place where you feel most comfortable in.

Modern Kitchens with High-tech Features

If you want a kitchen that is more vibrant and popping, then going with a brighter modern design is your thing. Modern designed kitchens are also more up to date with the current trends and technology that involves in making the kitchen a safer space for you and your family. An example of this would be a new kind of door that does not show any marks whether hand or fingers, because of its High Pressure Lamination. New technology in kitchens would allow for kitchens to be cleaned easier and allowing it to be in top shape at all times. It may cost more compared to having a classic design, but you are guaranteed of a highly durable kitchen that would last you for years. Technological advances would allow for you to have a kitchen with a high level of functionality and at the same time, an ageless design that everyone will love.

Shaker Kitchens

If you want a mix of both worlds – classic and modern, then getting into shaker designed kitchens is your perfect place. If you are the type of person who fancies standing out from the crowd and being distinct with your style yet remain to be simple, a shaker kitchen is your perfect fit. With shaker kitchens, you will have a kitchen of great quality with equally high level of functionality. Style is the top priority in designing shaker kitchens and mixing and matching of colours and themes is not prohibited. In this case, you do you is the best way to go. After all, you would be the one who would spend so much time in your own kitchen, right?

When It Is More Than Just Colours and Materials

There is more to designing a kitchen than choosing the colours for your walls, counters and furniture. It is also more than choosing the kind of materials to use for your pieces of furniture. More than anything, when designing a kitchen, there are actually three main things you need to consider: Space, Lighting and Ventilation.

A kitchen’s space can be very limiting. That is why it is very important to have a checklist of all of the appliances and pieces of furniture that you would need and want in your kitchen. You also have to understand that just because you have listed it in your checklist, you would automatically have it. Your needs should be prioritised more than your wants and creating a spacious and easy to move in kitchen should be your top priority for safety.

Lighting plays a great role in any room, not just in your kitchen. Good lighting could make a seemingly small room look more spacious. Of course, you would spend a lot of time preparing your ingredients, using knives and other hazardous appliances and equipment such as the stove, so it is always a great idea to have a well-lit kitchen.