What are the benefits of kiln dried timber?

The timber drying process, also known as wood seasoning reduces the moisture in the wood to make sure it is ready for use. Air dried timber is a naturally longer process which is why many manufacturers prefer to specialise in kiln dried timber. 

There are a number of different areas where kiln dried timber outperforms its air dried counterpart. This article will show you these benefits and the ways in which kiln dried timber is better for your home. 

What defines kiln dried timber? 

As the name suggests, kiln dried timber is produced in a process in which a kiln is used to season the wood. This method of drying timber is preferred by construction firms due to its lower lead time. 

The kiln drying process is faster than air but the length of the process entirely depends on the species of lumber that is being seasoned. 

The wood has to reach its equilibrium moisture content (EMC) before it is workable. This essentially means the point at which the timber is not taking on or losing moisture from the air. 

Why is kiln dried timber preferred over air dried timber? 

Whilst many firms still use air dried timber, its kiln dried counterpart is the industry standard as it has a number of benefits. 


A key benefit of kiln dried timber is that the process is more efficient. This makes it a more cost-effective product. Additionally the kiln dried method also creates a more ‘uniform’ timber. Common issues with air dried timber like raised grains are avoided. 


Kiln dried timber is more hard-wearing than other forms of the material. A lot of the construction firms that work with ‘premium cladding’ will use kiln dried , as you can create a more polished finish on the wood. 

Simpler to install 

One of the main issues with air dried timber is the additional processes that have to be taken in order to make it suitable for installation. 

Imperfections have to be removed and sometimes the timber has to be treated. Most of the time kiln dried timber comes ready to use on installation. This is one of the reasons why expert manufactures prefer it is a product. 

Finding the right kiln dried timber 

As shown, kiln dried timber is often used for cladding and other woodwork as it has a number of important benefits over air dried timber. If you are undertaking a home improvement project or are looking to add quality cladding to your house, make sure you go through a well-respected timber supplier to ensure you are getting the best product