The Versatility of Upholstery Nails

Furniture design is in the tiniest of details, even the smallest parts in the construction of a single piece of furniture actually have a bearing on its totality, not only for design, but as well as durability and longevity. These tiny details could set apart a piece of furniture from other pieces and it could even give it a more premium and elegant touch over other pieces of furniture and design. The beauty in furniture design and construction is that even for just an addition of materials at a very minimal cost, you would already be able to ask for a premium on your work. This is the wonder that upholstery nails can add and bring to your upholstered pieces of furniture. That is why it is important to choose the perfect one that would complement your upholstered pieces of furniture the best.

Nails and tacks may just be a small part in constructing and designing a piece of upholstered furniture, but it actually serves a bigger purpose than its actual size. These tiny yet functional magical raw materials are proof the great things really do come in small packages. There are actually a lot of different kinds, sizes, designs, lengths, finishes, and even colours of nails and tacks available in the market that you are not only limited to using it for the designing and the construction of your regular upholstered furniture. As a matter of fact, upholstery nails have a wide range of applications and uses, even going further than just simply being a crucial part in putting your upholstered furniture together. You are not only limited to the usual couches, ottomans, wooden dining chairs, or the like. You make something more out of upholstery nails, most especially now that you have so much variety to choose from.

Indoor Furniture

Upholstered pieces of furniture or best used indoors because of the sensitivity of the materials used in outdoor environmental factors that may affect the durability and longevity of the piece of furniture. Weather conditions would have an effect on certain materials like metal finished upholstery nails like bronze, copper, or nickel. Rain, heat, moisture, cold, and wind could have an impact on your upholstered pieces of furniture and could greatly reduce the durability of the furniture. That is why upholstery nails are a great addition only to indoor furniture because you would be able to make the pieces unique and have a special detail that could add to the overall look and feel of any room that you will put it in. Because your furniture would remain indoors, you would also be guaranteed of the durability of your furniture as long as you choose the perfect nails to put together the fabric of your choice to the wood that serves as the skeleton of your furniture.

Room Décor

You could even use upholstery nails for decorating projects, both in making your unique home décor pieces and as well as adding décor to already existing pieces of furniture in your home. For example, if you have wooden drawers and cabinets, you could make it more personalised and unique by creating patterns on the surface of the furniture using upholstery nails. You could easily turn a plain, brown, wooden cabinet into something your little girl would appreciate by creating different coloured flowers using button nails of different colours. If you want to start a project that is more advanced, you could even make your own décor pieces and even add details to your drapes. The best part about these certain kinds of project is that you could also turn it into an opportunity to spend time with your children, siblings, parents, friends and loved ones. With the ease of application of upholstery nails, you can do it together with just about anyone, making it a more personalised and intimate activity which makes the piece of furniture or décor much more memorable.

Personalised Boards

The versatility of upholstery nails extends even to personalised and customized boards that you could use to increase productivity or even to make and keep sentimental memorabilia hanging on your walls or neatly placed on your desk. You could make unique personalised boards with the use of wood, fabric, and upholstery nails to use a reminder board so you would not have to miss a deadline or a meeting, or you could even use it so that the chores in your household would be equally distributed and no one would have excuses not to do them. With personalised boards, you could even use it to put up photos of your loved ones and pets so that you have something to look at when you are feeling a slump. Making personalised boards would be beneficial not only in the home, but as well as for study desks in schools or even in your office work desk.

More Than Just Furniture

You can use upholstery nails on applications that go way beyond than just pieces of furniture. With the different finishes like bronze, brass, antique, copper, white, black, nickel, and so many more colours, you have the choice of going with a more modern or traditional design, or maybe even go with your gut and creative instincts to make up a more unique design that screams your identity. Even though these are just tiny pieces of raw material used to put together fabric and wood, it actually has a lot more to offer than simply just being that. You could easily express yourself through the details, patterns and design that you add in any piece of upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, or maybe even your own project and output. Whatever you choose to do, as long as you will be proud of what you have done and put together, then you would most definitely nail it each and every time.

Upholstery Nails and Tacks

There is a wide array of choices of nails and tacks you could consider when you design and make your own upholstered furniture. This ranges from how big you want it to be, how long you want it through depending on the other materials you are going to use, what the finish you would like for it to have, what colour you would prefer to have so that it matches the types of materials and fabrics that you would be using, and even the nail or buttons it will be showing once it is on the piece of furniture already. You could opt to have just small tacks to put together pieces of fabric to wood and other materials, up to enamel and even crystal buttons to give off a nice, elegant and timeless finish to your pieces of furniture. There is also no limit to the number of nails and tacks that you would like to use, and what kind of patterns you would like to achieve so as long as you would be happy with the overall design and build of your couch, ottoman, chair, and other indoor upholstered pieces of furniture.

Traditional, Modern and Uniquely Yours

Adding pieces of upholstery nails to piece together your upholstered pieces of furniture would allow for you to design it as traditional looking pieces that are very timeless. There antique finishes to upholstery nails and its shapes and sizes vary from a circle, to a square, to domes, and even crystals. There is a a different kind of nail for each preference. There are also different colour finishing such as gold, nickel, bronze, and silver to name a few. If you want something more modern, there are also modern designs, shapes, sizes, and even colours such as blue, black, yellow, coral, maroon, brown, cobalt, and many more. If you are feeling a bit artistic and do not want to stick with any kind of design and just make your furniture uniquely yours, you are also free to play around with different kinds and colours of fabrics and pair it with different upholstery nails of your choice. The beauty in furniture design is that you have all of the artistic freedom and just go with what you think works.

Keeping It Together

More than what these upholstery nails offer in design, they actually have greater functionality even though they are just small pieces of detail in pieces of furniture. Even with its tiny size, these pieces of nails are actually what keeps your upholstered furniture together. You would not be able to use different kinds of fabric such as leather, wool, cotton, canvass, nylon, and a lot more if it were not for these tiny additions. Yes, you can go nuts while using them just so to add pattern and design on your pieces of furniture, but more than that, by using them on key areas while building your couch, it would safely put the pieces together. That is why it is important to choose the best types of nails to use in your furniture so that you are sure that it is durable and would be able to withstand the wear and tear of your furniture.

Little Things Matter

Things to consider before choosing to use upholstery nails in your furniture projects is that you must first have the right tools and equipment to use so that you would not waste any material during your building process. The tools that you need are quite simple and very easy to get like a tack hammer, a rubber mallet, and your ordinary household hammer with a DIY felt covering just so it would not scratch any of the materials that you would be using. It is also good to invest in an awl so that it would be easier for you to create holes on the fabric before you stick the nails in. This prevents the fabric from getting torn from the nails. These materials are necessary so that you would have an efficient way of application and not end up with more bent nails than the actual ones used in the piece of furniture that you built.