How to Design Your Kitchen Easily

It is officially the start of a brand new decade. It is the perfect time for a brand new start. Whether it is buying a new home for yourself and your family, moving in into a different place, apartment, condominium or house, or simply just doing some renovations and redesigning in your existing home. If you want to start off a change in your home, consider getting your kitchen renovated or redesigned, or if you are going for a new house, the kitchen should be one of the rooms you should prioritise and focus on as a project of your kitchen. There are already a lot of kitchen design trends and kitchen design ideas you could consider, especially if you know what is currently in and hip for this new decade. It just a matter of knowing what design, equipment, layout, colours, and appliances would best suit you and your family’s lifestyle, wants, and of course, needs. After all, the kitchen is where most of your quality bonding times as a family would occur, especially during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and simple snacks together. Why not make the most out of it as a room that everyone would love, right?

Classic, Chic, Scandinavian, Minimalist

There are a lot of designs that you could choose from when designing for your kitchen; you could even go rogue and just go with your gut about the decisions that you would be making. It is your kitchen, after all. But of course, existing trends such as kitchen designs which are Classic, Chic, or have a Scandinavian or Minimalist designs are great help because you would already have a clean and easy pattern or theme you would follow. Not only does it give you a more organised looking kitchen but following a design trend would also help you to cut so much time off of your planning period up until the execution and completion of your kitchen. You could also mix and match design trends as long as it suits your taste and the overall look and feel of your finished kitchen. These are also the trends which have already survived the test of time as they just rotate in the roster of what kitchen design is actually trending for a specific year or time. You cannot go wrong with the trendy design ideas for your kitchen so that it would always be new, fresh and hip!

Getting a Helping Hand

Like with any other home projects, working on your kitchen, especially if it in the designing phase up until the construction, could be a handful. But it does not actually need to be stressful on your end. You could easily go through the whole process of beautifying your brand new (or newly redesigned) kitchen, as long as you are able to find the help of people who are truly experts and specialists in the field. If you seek the helping hand of Roman Kitchens, you could never go wrong with your decision. The people behind Roman Kitchens are not only well-equipped to handle the designing or redesigning of your kitchen, but they are also well-versed in the industry they are in. The creative director, Joanne, has a good 20 years’ experience in the kitchen design industry, so you can guarantee that you are in great hands. 

Does Not Break the Bank

Budgeting is probably one of the most stressful and hardest tasks to do when it comes to designing and building or redesigning and renovating a room in your home. Not only do you need to consider getting the right design that would suit not only your home, but more importantly, the space that the room will take up. But, on top of that, you would have to work within the budget you have for such a project, or else you might end up getting a loan or be in debt during a time it would be a burden to carry. With the help of Roman Kitchens, you would be able to avoid overspending on the appliances, pieces of furniture and fixtures, paint, tiles, and even marbles or stones. The kitchen designing phase is only free of charge which are based on appointments and agreements, then you would be presented with an initial design along with a quotation of the whole project after two weeks of meet-up. You can have your desired kitchen without having to break the bank because Roman Kitchens can construct and design small-sized kitchens for £15,000 to £20,000. For a medium-sized kitchen, it would cost you £20,000 to £25,000 and adding an island would cost you £5,000 to £10,000 more. A large kitchen would only go for an average of £35,000 to £40,000, and you could also opt to add for an island or a utility room, but of course, you have to be prepared to shoulder additional costs.