Hello & welcome to Connect 4 Design.

My name is Charlie Thomas and I am the founder and primary contributor for Connect 4 Design.

Having started this home improvements blog over five years ago, it has come a long way to helping homeowners create their perfect home.

Connect 4 Design started off as a hobby all those years ago, where I would come home from work as an interior designer for a hotel group and blog about the things I had learnt, designed and imagined. It became an outlet and when my parents sadly passed away, myself and my sister were given the family home. Located in the Manchester suburb of Chorlton, the house was run down, a little rough around the edges and in need of some TCL.

With both myself and my sister owning our own homes we decided to spend some time and money renovating the house for resale. We took our time and in total spent a year renovating, remodelling and redecorating the entire 4-bed home. Not only did the house double in value but it was a process myself and Sarah really enjoyed and with the money made from my parent’s house we thought let’s do it again!

Some would say we’re mad but it’s something we really enjoy doing and after completing our third renovation just 8 months ago, we’re already stuck into our fourth.

After I quit my full-time job (in the middle of renovation two), I was able to focus full-time on our houses and the Connect 4 Design blog which has grown into an amazing community of like-minded individuals who like to share home improvement ideas, tips and tricks.

If you like what you see on Connect 4 Design and want to become a guest contributor, then please get in touch today..

If you have any questions, want to know any specifics or simply want to know more about me, then please follow the contact us link.