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5 Resources for Remodeling your Bathroom

To give your bathroom an upgraded look and feel, remodeling is the answer. However, for people who do not have design expertise, this can be quite challenging. The good news is that there are many resources that are available online to help you out, including those that will be briefly mentioned below.

Why Use a Bath Lift Instead of a Bath Board?

You can probably guess what a bath board is just by the name. Essentially, they are specially designed boards that fit across your bath from one rim to the other. When you need to wash yourself, they form a straight, solid seat.

The Bohemian Bathroom: 10 Ways to Get the Look

In modern usage, the term ’bohemian’ applies to people who live unconventionally and artistically. The original Bohemians originated in Central Europe where they had a different name: gypsies. Currently, the gypsy style is widely appreciated both in terms of clothing and interior design. Speaking of interior design, sure, it is easy to incorporate the bohemian

Stunning Ways to Add Period Features to Your Bathroom

Interior design can take influences from many different styles and periods. While some people like a more modern look, others prefer to use period features that are inspired by design trends of the past. If it’s time to redecorate your bathroom, you might already have seen some beautiful designs inspired by the Victorian era or