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The Versatility of Upholstery Nails

Furniture design is in the tiniest of details, even the smallest parts in the construction of a single piece of furniture actually have a bearing on its totality, not only for design, but as well as durability and longevity. These tiny details could set apart a piece of furniture from other pieces and it could

What are your Window options for Double Glazing?

There are many different options when it comes to double glazing; and what suits best will depend on your personal tastes and home aesthetics. All options are usually available in double glazing and offer their own benefits when compared to each other. Here are some of the different options available to you and their benefits.

Three Factors of Effective Outdoor Stone Flooring

Whether you are building an outdoor area such as a pool, or adding a patio or path to your outdoor space; stone flooring is the best choice. But how do you choose the right stone for the job? Here are the three factors you must follow when choosing outdoor stone flooring.

The Benefits of Minimalist Interior Design

All gods of fashion and numerous studies point to the benefits of having a minimalistic interior design. Reasons for this are many and some of them may already be well-known. However, as people are very prone to hoarding things, having a minimalistic home is actually a much more challenging mission than it originally seemed to

All You Need to Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are widely considered the way of the future – completely sustainable and environmentally friendly, this technology will hopefully put a stop on using powerplants as a means of supplying our homes with power somewhere down the line. For now, however, things are still far from perfect, and even homes that get a lot

5 Ways to Open Up Small Living Spaces

Small spaces might at first appear to limit your interior design choices but a top Los Angeles interior designer will tell you that this challenge actually presents amazing opportunities. There are many ways that small spaces can be enhanced with decoration, storage solutions, vintage touches, and much more. These are just five of the strategies

Historic Scottish Architecture

Everybody agrees that the Scottish landscape is stunning but a walk through any of the cities will show you that the architecture is also amazing to see. DM design, who are home design specialists looked at the different styles of architecture that can be found in four of Scotland’s main cities.

Casino Themed Man-Cave

The lads always complain about so-called man-caves getting invaded and not really passing off as true sanctuaries where they can get away from the domestic rush and have a bit of man-time alone or with the lads. While we can’t quite blame them for seeking their own little hideaway, they in turn can’t blame us

Tokyo’s Tiny Interiors with Lots of Charm and Character

For a little bit of interior design inspiration we head on over to Tokyo, Japan, zoning-in on how they make the most of what are really small interior spaces and yet still maintain a lot of charm and character. If you were seriously looking for an apartment or any other type of property in the

Interiors That Make a Serious Style Statement

Have you ever walked into someone’s house or perhaps a hotel or showroom and the decor just jumps out at you immediately, making a serious and lasting impression on you? Hotel lobbies or reception areas make for some of those interior spaces which are specifically targeted to deliver that wow-factor, but a lot of money