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Key Equipment for Your Upholstery Toolbox

If you’re at all into upholstery, then you probably already have quite a sizable tool kit. When sitting down for your first project, many of us come to realise that there are a lot of different items needed to get a job done both properly and thoroughly.

Best Uses For Solid Oak Boards | Timbersource

European Solid Oak Boards are a popular choice when it comes to any timber project. This is mainly due to its workability, luxuriousness and light golden-brown colour.

Why Interior Designers Need Some Business-Side Knowledge

I suppose this actually applies to all business relationships in which there are two or more complementary figures and skills repertoires forming part of the value-creation chain, that being the need to have a basic understanding of the business side of things. In this particular case I’m talking about it from the perspective of an

Types of property insurance

Any property you own is likely to represent a substantial investment. With so much of your money tied up in it, of course, it makes sense to safeguard both the structure and fabric of the building and of its contents against a myriad of risks and perils – some of which might leave your property

Lessons In Waste Removal With Waste Express

From the earliest days of civilisation people have had a natural inclination for accumulating rubbish. It’s something they have been able to acquire without any effort. But in addition there has always been a problem of what exactly to do with it. The methods we use today for waste removal and disposal are not that

How to correctly store your logs this winter

The winter months can be brisk and icey, especially in the dark evening. The days become shorter and in return we get less of that lovely warm sunshine. To combat the temperatures that come with the changes of the seasons, many people choose to invest in a wood burner.

What are your Window options for Double Glazing?

There are many different options when it comes to double glazing; and what suits best will depend on your personal tastes and home aesthetics. All options are usually available in double glazing and offer their own benefits when compared to each other. Here are some of the different options available to you and their benefits.

5 Secrets to Make your Home Look Better

Having a home that looks great naturally enhances the time you and your loved ones spend in it. Here are our 5 secrets to making your home look and feel better than ever. 

7 Benefits of Timber Cladding

Low Carbon Footprint This material takes a lot less energy to produce than any other material used for construction.

How to Deal with Blocked Drains

Have you ever stood in your shower and started noticing water pooling at your feet? Or have you ever flushed and watched in horror as the water level rises? Or have you ever stepped into your bathroom and noticed some strange, unpleasant smells for absolutely no reason? All of these might mean you have a