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Have Fun Creating Your Own Art Gallery

Collecting art isn’t just for the extremely wealthy or fortunate.  You may look at Albert Scaglione, Founder and CEO of Park West Gallery, the world’s largest art dealer, and be totally intimidated at the thought of art galleries and dealing in art.  Well, honestly, you should be.  His gallery sells the work of the most

Five Ways to Add Spark to Your Home on a Budget

Instead of popping when you enter the rooms in your house, do your rooms sort of fizzle.  If everything blends together in a mish mash of sameness, you’ve got to add some color to shake the doldrums out of your space. Here are 5 simple ideas to add a bit of colorful snap to your

Sick of the Same Scene? Spicing Up Your Home with New Colors

Are you stuck in a rut?  Does the inside of your home make you feel bland, blah, and boring? Well, then it’s time to shake things up with some new colors!  

Warming-Up Your Cold Interior Spaces

It’s a problem often faced by both new home owners who’ve had a new house built from the ground up and those who’ve moved into a house which was built a while ago already. That’s trying to figure out how to warm up those interior spaces which are a bit cold, some of which don’t

For Wood-Lovers Who Live in Humid Areas

There’s a saying real estate agents love to use when they’re taking shop amongst themselves and when they’re trying to weave their magic and get commission by selling the house they’re showing to potential customers. That saying goes: “You can do some work to the interior and you can perhaps do structural and exterior work

A Changing Climate – 4 House Tips From A Professional Buyer

Are you feeling nervous about the property market since that historic vote a couple of months ago? What’s happened since then, and the evidence so far that things are settling down, should go some way toward reassuring you that things are not as bad as some in the media would have us believe.

Ways to Makeover An Entire Room On A Budget

Home improvement is a daunting thing to think about. It’s also exciting. You know that there is so much work to be done, but the thought of having a new and improved living space completed with all the upgrades you’ve been wanting for years makes the labor worth it. It’s even better if you have

Improving Your Home? Start With the Master Bedroom

If you’re getting the itch to do something in the vein of home improvement, it’s a solid idea to start in your master bedroom. It’s out of the way enough not to disrupt the normal state of affairs in your house, it’s private enough that you can do what you want without having to worry

3 Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable For Guests

While some people love having house guests to entertain, others find this experience as a more trying and stressful situation. Accommodating all your personal needs while simultaneously accommodating your guests can cause strain on your typical routine as well as the typical routine of those visiting your home. From supplying food to be enjoyed by

Is It Time To Expand Your House? Some Creative Options To Consider

Just because your house is a size currently does mean it has to stay that way, and there are all sort of reasons to expand. You might have enough money to add a room for entertainment or enjoyment. Perhaps you have an addition to the family coming and need another bedroom. Maybe you even just