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Five Tips for Redecorating On A Budget

No matter the scope of your project there are always ways to make a large difference while staying true to a budget.  Here are five tips to consider to maximize your design impact without breaking the bank!

The Rise of Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Click Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices for the modern home. Available in a huge choice of designs, it comes with a vast array of benefits. Helping you to give your home a luxury makeover without the luxury price tag, this type of floor has quickly become a bestseller.

Electrical Safety First

Whether it’s a result of the latest “upcycle” trend or simply to save money, many homeowners enjoy rolling their sleeves up and doing all their DIY and home improvements themselves. Before you decide to handle it all yourself, you need to understand what you should and shouldn’t get stuck into.

Choosing an Internal Door Design

In the age of interior design, there are many ways DIY enthusiasts propose to give a fresh look to a house, including interior doors. These doors may act as an accessory or as a statement piece. This seems easy enough, but materials that complement the door and the space, working tools and, last but not

Choosing a Front Door Design

Every now and then, many homeowners feel the urge to change things up on the exterior of their home – buying new flowers and topiary, freshen up the mulch, tidy the rocks etc. One thing that may not occur to homeowners is that changing the exterior door can make a huge impact, with just a

Add Some Wow Factor to Your Property With My Fabulous Ideas

Wow factor is essential for all properties. Not only do you need to love where you live, but you also need to impress potential buyers. So make sure your home ticks all the boxes that people might be looking for. Here are some of my favourite suggestions to help with that. En-Suite We have started

Using Wrought Iron Furniture for a Vintage Look at Home

There are many reasons to incorporate finely crafted wrought iron furnishings and accessories into the indoor and outdoor decor of a home. Not only are they elegant, versatile, and sturdy, but they can also be used to add a distinctive vintage or antique flair to a home. Another added bonus? Wrought iron designs allow one to showcase

Fantastic Ways to Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, it can be very competitive. There are so many others out there trying to do the same. So you need something to put your home top of the deck. You need to make improvements that will have people queuing up for viewings. These are some of the best

Our Brand New Home – EEK!

This weekend Adam, and I will move in to our new home.The past few weeks have been busy ones – both fun and frustrating in equal doses. This is the first house either of us has owned, and it’s definitely been an exciting process but, on the other hand, I’ve lost track of how many rows

5 Ways To Make Your Garden More Beautiful

No matter how big or small your garden may be, there is plenty that you can do to make it look more beautiful and a nicer place to be – and if you can you should! Having a nice home is one thing, but having a nice garden will allow you to enjoy the summer