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How to Design Your Kitchen Easily

It is officially the start of a brand new decade. It is the perfect time for a brand new start. Whether it is buying a new home for yourself and your family, moving in into a different place, apartment, condominium or house, or simply just doing some renovations and redesigning in your existing home. If

A Kitchen to Call Your Own

Have you purchased a new home and want to design your own kitchen? Or do you have an existing home and just want to re-design the space you spend most of your time in, cooking for your family? A kitchen is a very important room in the home, most especially for homemakers and families. It

Making Your Kitchen Fit for a Party

The only type of design that works these days when it comes to doing up your kitchen is functional design. A kitchen space that’s built and decorated for something like a family celebration is undeniably quite a bit different from the one which you’d use along with your family on a day to day basis.

The revolution of cheap kitchens

Since cheaper, economies of scale driven furniture companies have emerged, it is now easier than ever to buy a kitchen at a low price whilst still achieving your desired design ideas. Huge companies like IKEA dominate this market and their target consumers tend to range from couples to families who are much happier to buy

25% of potential home buyers put off by small kitchens

The kitchen is seen by many as being the hub of the home, and it seems that size really does matter to potential home buyers as they look for the perfect property. New research conducted by an online kitchen worktop specialist has found that 1 in 4 potential home buyers are put off a property

3 Kitchen Appliances That Can Be Wonderful Or Wasteful

When setting up your home, you may be looking for a certain kitchen aesthetic. While cabinet and countertops can differ greatly between homes, there is one look that is universally appealing: open counter space. Whether you are trying to whip up a five-course dinner or an after-school snack, counter space is very important.

Design your kitchen island now with Caesarstone worktops

Owning a home is a dream come true for many of us. Once you own a home, you will want to design and decorate it as per your taste and choice. Many people like to design and decorate their homes in a traditional way while others like to do it in a modern way. Whichever

How To Add A Retro Vibe To Your Kitchen

Image source The kitchens of the past were bold and colorful. Today, however, it is more fashionable to have a pristine, minimalistic look. For anyone who enjoys a little throwback decor, you may like the idea of a channeling the past with a retro style kitchen. Many retailers are now designing new furniture and appliances