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How Do You Get Car Insurance

Before seeking avenues through which to attain suitable car insurance services, one first needs to understand the importance of car insurance and how that specifically translates to their unique situation. Once this understanding has been formulated, the question of how do you get car insurance becomes much easier to understand and approach. The importance of

What are the benefits of kiln dried timber?

The timber drying process, also known as wood seasoning reduces the moisture in the wood to make sure it is ready for use. Air dried timber is a naturally longer process which is why many manufacturers prefer to specialise in kiln dried timber.  There are a number of different areas where kiln dried timber outperforms

5 Tips For Home Woodworking

If you’re in the business of fixing up homes or you simply like to do DIY projects around your own house, it never hurts to develop a bit of skill in woodworking. That doesn’t mean you have to make it your main hobby (as many woodworking enthusiasts tend to do), but it’s always nice to

How to Dress as a Freelancer

When you work as a freelancer, it can be a bit difficult to know how to dress sometimes. You are stuck between wearing your pajamas when you are sure you’ll be left alone, to a surprise Skype video chat, or even worse, an in-person meeting. Don’t get caught with your pants down, literally, and make

Four Reasons To Take Your Child To The Hospital/ER

It’s never a good time when you have to decide whether or not to take your child to the emergency room.  Sometimes, if you’re a newer parent, it’s hard to know when it’s actually necessary and when you can handle the situation on your own.  This is an absolutely common struggle that parents from anywhere

Combine the benefits of city living with a country-style home

Now we all know when it comes to buying a new property, location is one of the most important factors in choosing a new home. However, for some people, deciding where they want to live isn’t that easy with many torn between the convenience of a city and the charm of a countryside home. If

Keeping it Vintage

Less rock, more glam,” Pearl Lowe says of her current approach to Christmas. “Definitely tasteful glam, though. I love dark colours and bold florals, so I painted the living-room walls navy and the floors black, but the kids were scared to go in. In the end, I went back to basics and chose Pointing, a

A Feast for the Eyes

Mark Christophers admits that, when it comes to his west London home, he is a compulsive tweaker. “I just can’t help myself,” the entrepreneur explains. “And I’m not afraid of starting from scratch if the effect isn’t exactly what I am looking for.” Christophers, 47, is better known as one of the co-founders of the

Fairest of Them All: the Swish New Ethical Homewares

Ethical used not to be a good look. Virtue, in the form of environmentally friendly, ethically sourced homewares, tended towards the clunky: vases woven from recycled plastic, dodgy ethnic crafts. The point, for devotees, was not that they looked good, but that they did good. In the past, aesthetically, you had to pick a side:

The Revival of Stoke Ceramics

Unless you are a particular type of bride, you will know that the formal dinner service, with side plates matched to sauce boats, has gone the way of the antimacassar. Bad luck for unimaginative wedding guests, and terrible news for the manufacturing firms that used to occupy the part of Staffordshire known as the Potteries.