How to correctly store your logs this winter

The winter months can be brisk and icey, especially in the dark evening. The days become shorter and in return we get less of that lovely warm sunshine. To combat the temperatures that come with the changes of the seasons, many people choose to invest in a

What are your Window options for Double Glazing?

There are many different options when it comes to double glazing; and what suits best will depend on your personal tastes and home aesthetics. All options are usually available in double glazing and offer their own benefits when compared to each other. Here are some of the

5 Secrets to Make your Home Look Better

Having a home that looks great naturally enhances the time you and your loved ones spend in it. Here are our 5 secrets to making your home look and feel better than ever. 

7 Benefits of Timber Cladding

Low Carbon Footprint This material takes a lot less energy to produce than any other material used for construction.

5 Resources for Remodeling your Bathroom

To give your bathroom an upgraded look and feel, remodeling is the answer. However, for people who do not have design expertise, this can be quite challenging. The good news is that there are many resources that are available online to help you out, including those that

Three Factors of Effective Outdoor Stone Flooring

Whether you are building an outdoor area such as a pool, or adding a patio or path to your outdoor space; stone flooring is the best choice. But how do you choose the right stone for the job? Here are the three factors you must follow when

Why Use a Bath Lift Instead of a Bath Board?

You can probably guess what a bath board is just by the name. Essentially, they are specially designed boards that fit across your bath from one rim to the other. When you need to wash yourself, they form a straight, solid seat.

How to Deal with Blocked Drains

Have you ever stood in your shower and started noticing water pooling at your feet? Or have you ever flushed and watched in horror as the water level rises? Or have you ever stepped into your bathroom and noticed some strange, unpleasant smells for absolutely no reason?

The Benefits of Minimalist Interior Design

All gods of fashion and numerous studies point to the benefits of having a minimalistic interior design. Reasons for this are many and some of them may already be well-known. However, as people are very prone to hoarding things, having a minimalistic home is actually a much

Porcelain vs. Marble: Which is Best for Your Floor?

Homeowners who want flooring with an upscale edge often end up struggling to choose between porcelain and marble. Unfortunately, not many people understand the differences between them and the separate characteristics they bring to the table. What you really need is a quick and easy overview of